Full set as seen here $2885 or sold separatly.  Helmet in silver and gold with plum $1250, in all gold with plum $985 or all silver or bronze without plum $795.  Chest plate $295 or $190 in coldcast.  Segmented arm protection plus red quilted full arm cover/leather ties and belts $295.  Gladiator belt and tassel work $295. Gladiator leg greaves $425.  Gladiator shield with real Roman medusa head boss cast from my original artifact $325.  Dagger and sandles optional.  Buy the entire set as listed above and take 10% off total.



AVE, IMPERATOR, MORITURI TE SAIUTANT !  Hail, Emperor, men soon to die salute thee.  Full Gladiator Roman Coliseum Armor.  Influenced from reliefs and originals.  This armor screems look at me, I'm your favorit and isn't that the point.  Rock stars and such do it to bring attection to themselves and gladiators had more to lose.  Wow the crowd and win their favor.  After all, gladiatorial combat was part show business

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