As new finish $795, Toned finish as seen $895, With golden yellow crest and ostrich plumes $1200.



Roman masked helmet from Vize Thrace depicting the sea monster Scylla destroying ships while drowning soldiers and sea creatures can be seen in the water.  Scylla is seen here as on a denarius of Sextus Pompey wielding a ships rudder being part female to the waist turning into two fish tails with the front part of dogs coming out of her.  Each of the helmets cheek pieces display Victory carrying a trophy of arms over her shoulder.  The silvered hair is crowned by the corona aurea or gold crown.  This gold crown should not be taken lightly for just a design as it was most likely awarded to the soldier.  It was given by the Romans as an extraordinary recompence of bravery or for saving the life of a fellow Roman.  Only those who were awarded this crown could wear them in public places.  Wearing unearned metals or awards is still a criminal offence today.  Rosettas and scroll work can be seen on the neck guard along with rope work throughout the piece.  Dr. Ernst Künzl, masked helmet expert and curator of the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum had this to say about my new helmet..''The Vize masked helmet is one of the most impressive works of Roman craftmanship in the Early Empire, and your re-creation fits to the rank of the original''…

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